Western Cape Fuchsia Society 


The Western Cape Fuchsia Society meets at 2pm on the first Saturday of each month beteween February and November at the St Thomas Church Hall, Campground Road in Rondebosch. Every month there is a practical workshop during which an experienced grower demonstrates a particular aspect of cultivating fuchsias relevant to that time of the year. Afterwards members have some practical experience, for example, in June and July they can bring any of their own plants that need potting-up and they will be guided through this process on these plant/s.

 The Society also invites a guest speaker to some meetings to talk about an interesting aspect of gardening, not necessarily connected to growing fuchsias.

Visitors are always welcome to participate and at the end of the meeting, they have the opportunity to discuss any aspect of fuchsia growing with the members over tea and cake.

Should you wish to join the Society, please contact the secretary (details provided below) for all relevant information.

A membership form may be downloaded here.

2022 - Programme of events



2 – 3 pm

3 - 4 pm

      5 Feb

AGM – Chairman

        Treasurer and Certificates

David and Felicity:

Watering and feeding

Committee Meeting

     5 March



2 April

Planting materials

Propagation aka Making Babies

from cuttings…Joy

Committee Meeting

7 May

Pruning with Jill

Joy ..Potting up the babies

4 June

Bonsai Talk?


 Committee Meeting

2 July

David on Bird Friendly Gardening


Shaping and Pruning

6 Aug

Order Kraaibosch Plants

Talk on how to care for show plants

Members talk

Committee Meeting

    27 Aug

Visit to Michells Nursery in Atlantis      Merle to confirm

    3 Sept

Plant Sales   Club Members

Plant sales club members

   1 Oct

Prepare plants for show

Members to bring difficult plants

Committee Meeting

   5 Nov


Discussion on plant classes for Show by Prof Jan

Committee Meeting

Date TBA



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Saturday 02 July was a very rainy day and the Society received quite a number of apologies. They were from Carleen, Anthea, Dot, Gail, Annette and Francois, ,Felicity, Gareth , Carla, Greta   Joy. Jan and Dermine and lastly Merry who is still enjoying herself in the land of the All Blacks . 11 members attended and Brian welcomed all . Brian said he was pleased to see so many members have joined the whatsapp group Garden Chat

The day started off with pruning and shaping but most was done on pruning. It was quite a nice workshop with everybody around the table getting a close look. Everybody joined in with suggestions on where to prune. David brought some triphyllas and a photo will be added at the end of the nearly completed prune. Pity that a before photo was not taken

Jill said by pinching a plant you shape it and the pinched tips can be put back in the pot and most if not all will grow and give an even bushier plant

David was to give a talk and slide show on his garden birds but Brian suggested as this was such a brilliant talk , it will have to stay until the September meeting when there will be more members attending

Merle brought some cuttings for members to take and a big thank you Merle

Jill surprised us with a plate of delicious carrot cake which was much appreciated

The raffle was popular  as usual and made R190  


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 For more information about the Western Cape Fuchsia Society:

  Please contact Brian Gouws (Chairman) on 021-919-1673

Email: bThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Merry Freeman  (Secretary) on 021-761-5863

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.