Western Cape Fuchsia Society 


The Western Cape Fuchsia Society meets at 2pm on the first Saturday of each month beteween February and November at the St Thomas Church Hall, Campground Road in Rondebosch. Every month there is a practical workshop during which an experienced grower demonstrates a particular aspect of cultivating fuchsias relevant to that time of the year. Afterwards members have some practical experience, for example, in June and July they can bring any of their own plants that need potting-up and they will be guided through this process on these plant/s.

 The Society also invites a guest speaker to some meetings to talk about an interesting aspect of gardening, not necessarily connected to growing fuchsias.

Visitors are always welcome to participate and at the end of the meeting, they have the opportunity to discuss any aspect of fuchsia growing with the members over tea and cake.

Should you wish to join the Society, please contact the secretary (details provided below) for all relevant information.

A membership form may be downloaded here.

2020 - Monthly Schedule for Meetings & Workshop



Tea Duty

Before tea i.e 2 to 3pm


After tea ie 3.20 to 4.20pm

1 Feb

WCFS will buy eats




Show Manager


Show Winners Certificates

Long service Certificate

Overview for 2020

7 March

Nell B



Talk on Orchids

Faan Kruger


Wilmar Burger- Makhro

Committee meeting

4 April





Tissue Cultivation


Workshop on “making babies” aka propagation - Joy Kessler


2 May



John G



Potting Up Baby Plants (1)

Joy Kessler


Pruning and Shaping and Pinching

Various experienced members

Committee meeting

6 June




Allen Lang



Caryn Allwright


Potting up (2)

Repotting existing plants

Prof Jan

4 July

Ann Long




Standards and Half Baskets

Jill Lawson


Still to confirmed

Committee meeting

1 August


Gale P

Sue R


How to decide on plants for the show

(Committee members)



introduced by David Daniels on mixed containers and displays.

22 or 29 August


Visit to Michell’s Nursery in Atlantis. Directions to be sent via email.

5 Sept

David D




Little Orchard

Still to be confirmed


Repotting Michells Plants

Roland Southgate

Committee meeting

3 Oct

Jill L


Gail Darlin

Talk on Streptocarpus

Indigenous Plant

Speaker Cherise            


Interactive workshop where members bring fuchsias in the various categories ( standards , where necessary , give last minute tips / advice on final prep for the show – a sort of buildup to

3 Nov


Prep for Show


Quizz  Joy

Committee meeting

5 & 6 Dec


The annual show at Kirstenbosch


 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Brian welcomed the 13 members present which included new mem, Noeline Case. And he thanked those that made it at such short notice. The times do not allow for too much preplanning so meetings will be played by ear.

Noeline described herself, modestly, as a school secretary, mother of 5 and owner of a few fuchsias.

Carleen Whelan will not be able to attend for this year but anyone that has asked for cuttings is requested to contact her directly.

Brian asked that we observe a minute’s silence in memory of our dear friend, Faan Kruger.

Because the popular raffle had increased the Society Bank Balance, the annual fees were reduced to R150.00. Country members will pay half.

The AGM will be held on the 1st Saturday in April, Easter notwithstanding.

Brian asked that Betty, Allen Lang, Felicity and Merry make themselves available at the next meeting to receive long service certificates.

Jill and Joy presented a “ What do we do now” chat with lots of nuggets of info.

Look out for Hawk Moth caterpillars lurking in the topsoil of the fuchsia pots. Despatch before they can wreak havoc.

Red spider mite thrives in dry hot weather. Spray under the leaves with a recommended miticide, 3 days in a row to break the breeding cycle. Repeat if first treatment not successful. Discourage Red spider mite by keeping humidity around the plants higher.

Do NOT water fuchsias in the mornings, the sun such shines through the droplets and damages the leaves.

No matter how awful the plant looks avoid pruning for another month. Pruning will encourage new growth and heat will destroy the new growth.

Give plants a last feed of 3.1.5 now and only give a high nitrogen feed after pruning and new growth is evident.

If a shaping prune was done in January, cuttings will be available for striking in April.

Use either Master Organics seedling mix or Michelles potting mix for cuttings.

Living Heirloom seeds can supply predatory mites that feed on whitefly, red spider mite and thrips. Thrips can also be dealt with using a premixed spray bottle of Garden Gun.

When pruning any young plants only need a top and tail, do not remove leaves.

Under general Betty asked that any plants donated to the raffle desk be accurately labeled or left unlabeled.

The raffle brought in R220.00. Noeline’s number was pulled out first, by chance, and Gail bought 5 tickets and won 5 prizes, also by chance, or so we believe! The meeting ended on a happy note.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


 For more information about the Western Cape Fuchsia Society:

  Please contact Brian Gouws (Chairman) on 021-919-1673

Email: bThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Merry Freeman  (Secretary) on 021-761-5863

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.