Books on Fuchsias

At one can find numerous books on the cultivation of fuchsias. Here are details of five that SAFS recommends. 

1 Gardeners Guide 

A Gardener's Guide to 500 Fuchsias: Varieties for Growing in Hanging Baskets and Pots, Hardy Fuchias, Species

By John Nicholass 2012 Paperback

This illustrated directory of 500 fuchsia varieties includes fuchsias suitable for growing as standards, trained structures and summer bedding, plus hardy fuchsias, container candidates and unusual types. All the most popular cultivars are featured, as well as new cultivars introduced in recent years.





2 How to Grow


How to Grow Fuchsias

By John Nicholass – 2012 Paperback
Here is a practical guide to cultivating fuchsias in beds, borders, hedges and containers, with 550 photographs. Flowering from late spring until the first autumn frosts, fuchsias are among the most popular and versatile of garden plants. This book shows how to grow fuchsias in every possible setting.






3 Fuchsias Complete Guide


Fuchsias: The Complete Guide

By Edwin Goulding (Author), Alison Jones (Illustrator) – 1995 Hardcover
This comprehensive book encompasses every aspect of fuchsia growing, from the basics to hybridizing. It provides descriptions of species and cultivars, including the new scented fuchsias, advice on the best selections for beds and baskets, and information on cultivation, pruning, and propagation.






4 Fuchsais Carol Gubler


Fuchsias: A Practical Step-by-step Guide

By Carol Gubler (Author), Neil Sutherland (Photographer) – 2001 Hardcover
Developed with beginners and 'improving' gardeners in mind, the clearly written instructions and pin-sharp step-by-step photos of Fuchsias show the reader exactly how to make the most of the opportunities offered by this most varied, versatile and popular of garden plants.






5 How to Grow Pilkington


How to Grow Fuchsias, a Practical Guide

By Ken Pilkington – 2002 Paperback
This is the 3rd edition of this popular cultural book, which over the years has become commonly known as ‘The Fuchsia Bible’. It has earned this accolade because of its ability to explain, in simple terms, all aspects of fuchsia culture.