Fourways Fuchsia Club


The Fourways Fuchsia Club was founded in 2006 by an enthusiastic group of members with Peter de Villiers voted in as the first Chairman. The club membership grew by leaps and bounds with interesting monthly meetings being held to encourage the cultivation of fuchsias in Gauteng, of course, always followed by the obligatory tea afterwards!

Fourways Fuchsia Club currently meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month (January-November). As the club has only some 20 members, the committee decided to meet at members homes on a rotational basis. This approach is working and it also enables members to view each others plants. It also allows members access to cuttings, thus enabling a growth in new plants.

Our meetings take the format of discussion, based on members views/questions each month. This can be very interesting and members usually learn something new at each cession. The discussion is followed by a demonstration/workshop on Fuchsias, for example taking cuttings, growing plants into standards and shaping amongst many other items.

Being a small club, FFC has over the past few years not held an annual show. However it does hold a display afternoon in late November/early December of each year.

On the social side FFC organises an outing at least once a year. This is always gardening related and where possible is a trip to other Fuchsia growers/sellers, and includes lunch.


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For further information, please contact Martin Dibb on: 084-582-7354
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